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New Year’s Resolutions comparison: 1947 vs. 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

As my New Year’s resolution this year is to write blogs more often, I thought I’d start off the New Year with a blog about New Year’s resolutions.

I came across this Huffington Post article by Anna Almendrala. The theme: how have our resolutions changed since the forties, and what does it reveal about us? I decided to attempt an upgrade to the simple ‘Top 10 List’ format contained within the original article, so created the data viz below using Tableau.

Click on the circles to the right, to view the position of each item in the original top 10 lists:

What are my dubiously-scientific takeouts here?
– Not many people were concerned about losing weight in the ration-tastic forties, but it ranked a supersized #1 in 2014.
– Religion has taken a back seat these days. I guess people have iPhones now.
– People were just as concerned about saving money then as now.
– A surprising trend away from quitting smoking / drinking. I thought everyone loved cigarettes back then?
– A trend away from wholesome improvements to your personality / character, towards just ‘getting more’ out of life. It’s all about us, after all.