Photo of a highlighted table in Tableau.

Data Analysis and Visualisation

Are you repeating the same spreadsheet tasks each day, with a sneaking suspicion that “there must be a quicker way to do this”?

Are you creating reports in Excel that you feel could be more engaging? Do you suspect that no-one even bothers to read them?

There’s nothing worse than these feelings. I know because I’ve been there! However, during my 10 years of PPC management, I’ve turned into a bit of an Excel geek.

Amongst other things, I can help you:
– Speed up your day-to-day processes, using macros.
– Process data quickly and efficiently using formulas and pivot tables.
– Create interactive dashboards, using Tableau or other cool tools.

Back in the Noughties I used Excel for data analysis and dashboards – However, things have come on since then. There are better tools available now: such as Google Apps, Tableau, or Supermetrics. Some work as standalone tools, and some work in conjunction with Excel.

The right tool for you will depend on your specific requirements. Call me on 07929 613717 or email me to discuss.